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Even the down and dirty streets of the city or the manure swept fields of rural America can be places of intense and explosive love.

The beginning of—A Ferry Tale

In A Ferry Tale, I introduce two different characters from what is usually presented. My readers may think it is the same story line, but…oh no!

            “I can’t believe you’ve never been on the Ferry.” The man waited for the young girl to sit. He towered over the petite beauty when standing. His eyes never left her form.

            “I can’t believe I’m here with you. The way you acted in the store.” As she spoke, he could only gaze at her face. Black eyeliner framed almond shaped eyes.

            “Really, how did I act?” His words flowed from moist lips. It was easy for him to smile. The young girl was hiding a slim attractive body under the bulky blue sweat outfit. Her chopped hair did not take away from an exquisite appearance. Even the discolored and swollen cheek could not hide her beauty. The early morning chill gliding over the water did not affect the warm feeling he felt as she sat by his side.

            “Like a real jerk!” A girlish giggle followed the remark. He stood embarrassed as he remembered the one-sided conversation with the young cashier. It should have been obvious that day, the blank stare from behind the counter showed her oblivious to his charm.

            “Bobbie, you just looked so innocent, and so shy.” His tone was soft and tender.

            It had been less than twenty-four hours, yet they felt comfortable with each other, relaxed and safe. She left the cold wooden bench to feel his warm breath as he spoke. “Hey, you are a little cold?”  Standing to his front, she nestled closer.

            “Innocent my butt! You saw this little Asian hottie and got the yellow fever.” Her head tilted upward. It had been awhile since the young girl experienced such happiness. “I remember you trying to stare right down into my jeans. You looked like you wanted to grab my zipper with your teeth.” The man’s eyes looked toward the early morning sky. “And every time you thought I was doin’ something else you checked out my sweet butt.”

            “Your butt? You were behind the counter.” He said.

            “Well, I know you weren’t hypnotized by these mosquito bites,” she pointed to her breasts covered by the cotton top.

            “I remember the blouse you had on. It was short and tight, Aeropostale?” A pause highlighted his smile. “Red is definitely your color.” Michael’s teeth caught a glint of the new sun.

            “Red is a lucky color in China.” Raising the sparse eyebrows to make a point. “By the way Michael, I have some questions for you.” She continued with both hands on his hips. At that moment a gust of warm air caused those lovely lashes to flutter.

“Baby, you ok?” Michael stroked Bobbie’s face while checking her eyes. Some dirt from the deck of the ferry must have caused a slight irritation. There was a tear forming in a lower lid.

“Bobbie, don’t use your hands.” Michael brushed away the petite fingers before they could do any damage. “See,” a smile proceeded the word, “that tear took care of everything. The man hoped the stream of water speeding down the soft cheek was due to the wind and nothing else.

“I’m ok. Really, its no big deal.” Turning away from the concerned man a sniffle followed. “Michael,” spoken with a brash resonance. “I want to ask you something.”

“Hah?” He waited as a passing tugboat signaled a morning welcome to the cruising ferry. “What’s the problem?”

The salt saturated wind would not stop the cross-examination. “How old are you? And how come all the cops gotta talk to you? Are you somebody important?” Stopping to lean back on the wooden rail, “and why do they do everything but kiss your ring when they see you? Are you a cop?” The slender shoulder brushed against his. She winced from pain. He now knew the bruises on her face were not isolated.


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