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This is the one you’ve been waiting for…please read it with your significant other.

nitty-gritty love///A Ferry Tale part 7(the one you’ve been waiting for)

                                                          Ferry Tale

                                                             Part 7

            Creeping daylight filtered through the drapes. The heavy material held gaps, allowing laser strikes of a morning sun. Luxurious was a title fit for the bedroom. Two immense beds looking anemic surrounded with vast areas occupied by stunning sculptures and mahogany furniture.

            Bobbie turned away from the flickering dawn. The night ended too soon. Breathing with an easy rhythm, Michael laid on his back. Looking at the face that was pressed against the nape of her neck as they made love, Bobbie threw a soft kiss. It truly was love. She had never felt such compassion. Moist lips followed the invisible sign of affection. They lit on Michael’s chest, over and over again.

            It was a few hours since Bobbie’s fantasy wish of love became fulfilled. Gliding a slithering tongue, Bobbie giggled at the infant like movements of the bare hunk. And he was that. At first, she marveled at the physique as he with a meek, shy demeanor undressed before her. Only to crumble at the warmth of his touch.

As if a sleeping baby content with mother’s milk, the hard muscles stirred with slow movements. An occasional sigh would enter Bobbie’s ear. It was so stimulating.

That first encounter brought an unknown feeling to the sensual figure now

engrossed with his skin, happiness.

Michael was nervous, that would be expected. But the concern and fear for

Bobbie’s wellbeing, stoked the passion inside of her to a higher degree. It was her turn now. Her Michael proved what she hoped was true. Love did exist. His gentleness numbed the unbelievable pain as he entered her. Imagining the feeling akin to a knife stuck in one’s side. The thought would not deter her want of more.

Nestling between his legs she watched as the shaft began to rise as the sun over the buildings. The fact that he made her uncle look a sexual dwarf brought a smile after decorating her new toy with kisses. As lips ran up and down the structure now pointing to the ceiling, Bobbie used both hands to massage the roused male.

“Bobbie…” The word sounded forced, as if the ability to speak was held at bay. The thought intensified the movement of her hands. Holding the object of her desire, tongue joined lips in a symphony of moist, subtle sounds. The onrushing of saliva, added more power to the piece held so dear to her mouth. She enveloped its growth. Now, as hands glided to his groin, a slender tongue curled around her desire as black chopped hair moved up and down widening his want. Filling her soul.

Bobbie stoked, with each damp caress, the fire building inside the man. A hand moved to assist the pleasurable experience. She would stay knelt between his legs until he so desired her to move. Dainty cheeks filled with the fluid of her mouth. She continued until called. The wait was not long.

“Baby?” As if he did not understand what was happening, “Bobbie?” The fragile tone of his voice sent shock waves through her body.

Was this what love was? The rapture of a soul?

Michael’s hand found the mop of hair as it slowly moved up and down. Thick fingers slid through the ebony shining mane. With a gentle grasp, he pulled the head up toward his stomach. Passive in her movements, Bobbie followed with her lips spreading moisture along the path.

The, oh so hot nightie disappeared during the night. She feared her unique body would again bring the anxiety Michael felt earlier.

“Come here…you.” Moaning the words Michael grabbed her shoulders. Sliding the petite body across his skin, a tongue found its mark.

“Michael?” Feeling so helpless catapulted the girl further into a state of ecstasy. It could have been mistaken for a dream, except for the mouth now swallowing her breast. Held inches from his chest, Bobbie dangled as if a rag doll. A rag doll with an erection poking its navel.

“Michael…” Suspended in mid air, or at least feeling as such, Bobbie smiled looking coy. Her expression changed.

“Oh Michael!” Feeling the erection sliding across her buttocks, Bobbie reached behind. Grabbing him, she gritted teeth as if to pulverize them. The pain felt only hours before replayed in her mind. Her movements ignored the hurt this action would bring. For she knew it offered something else.

“Bobbie…No! Baby! I hurt you so…” Michael squirmed in hopes of preventing more pain for Bobbie. She would not have none of that.

“Michael! Fuck me! Please! Michael…” The last word broke in tone. Sobs followed as the girl reached further back to guide him inside.

“No!” Michael strained as he felt a slight entrance. “I will never fuck you…never!” Michael’s voice thundered driving the sound through her ears as if shot from a canon.

Bobbie’s expression turned to pure terror. Her love, her life was rejecting her. She wanted to be back on the street leading to the water. She wanted to die.

“I will never…I could never…” Michael’s hold was firm but gentle. Those sparkling eyes looked moist. “I love you.” He brought her near. “I love you. Bobbie…I will only make…love to you.” As the phrase ended so did the squirm. Bringing his hips upward caused a swoon from the girl. Strong hands embraced her waist. He guided her downward. Bobbie’s mouth opened as she shivered with pain and delight.

Michael’s movement was answered on each stroke. Bobbie wanted to scream. The feeling was too much for one to contain. Her happiness reached its limit. But what came next fulfilled her final fantasy.

“Bobbie…” A deep sigh, “I love you.” With that, Michael turned over to his side, bringing the frail figure to the sheets. Moving on top, his piston movements stalled but resumed with a gentle stroke.

“Mi…Mi.” She couldn’t speak. Feeling the insertion and withdrawal played over and over again, Bobbie gripped the muscled back. His moans deafened her to any other sound. It did not matter. Face to face with the man she loved. An impossible dream, a fantasy realized. She could not control the tears. His pounding motion no longer drove sharp shocks of distress through her loins. She marveled at the rhythm and intensity of his breaths. Until she realized they were hers.


“What baby? My baby? What?” The man felt in control again. The tempo did not slacken. His head raised, Michael looked down upon the pulsating body. As his hips moved, so did Bobbie’s frame. The control of her increased the excited state further.

“Michael, please,” finding the strength to talk. Michael…please…please.”

“My angel? What?” Whispered into her ear.

“Please, Michael…please?” Her lips kissed his ear. “Michael, come in me.” Ripping through the layer of skin, her nails left their mark on his back.

“Come in me!” Legs wrapped around his hips. The pain was back, but not acknowledged. Michael could no longer pretend any control. This relationship was more than just physically different. Emotionally, there was no comparison.

“Please…come…come my baby…don’t be afraid…come.” Fingers ran through his hair, as if trying to console a fearful child.

Michael’s breathing signaled more than lust. As the thrusts speeded, so did her grip. Biting his neck she used her tongue to soak an area as a prelude to her teeth. The sensation drove his passion deeper. The bed rocked. It would not be long.

“Bobbie! Bobbie!” The exhaust of air rushed over her. Sweat, a constant companion during their ardor, flew from his forehead to her mouth. She could not get enough. Licking Michael’s chest, she could feel the enlargement inside her. Quivering overpowered her body. Michael ignored the stiffening figure, continuing to propel as much of himself as possible.

“Oh…Oh.” Weakened tones left the man’s mouth. The sensation on his shaft crawled through his groin. Fatigue was taking control of every part of him, but his pelvis.

Bobbie’s legs were pushed up further as Michael attempted to, or so it appeared shove his groin inside her. Bobbie turned from her lover to look at her slender legs bent and dangling. She gasped to control the scream biding its time to escape, as kneecaps came closer to her shoulders.

Sliding a calloused hand under her bottom, Michael pushed it upward till Bobbie

screamed with a shriek.

Michael answered. “I’m coming…Bobbie…I love you…I’m coming” The deluge lasted for seconds, but each party thought it longer. Bobbie quaked as the powerful streams of love rattled inside her. Holding him tight, she did not release him till every drop was inside her.  Every drop.


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